Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Ill.Kt. Dries Van der Burgh, Dep.G.Mar., R.Ill.Kt. David Fox, KCC, P.Int-Gen., V.Ill.Kt. Michael Osgathorp, P.G.J.Gen., V.Ill.Kt. Peter Shuker, P.G.J.Gen., R.Ill & Em.Kt. Peter Hawken, GCC, Dep.G.Sov., and R.Ill.Kt. David John Roach, Int-Gen.

Completing half a century of committed service to any organisation is worthy of great celebration, and on Saturday 5 October that was very much the case for V.Ill.Kt. Michael J H Osgathorp, Past Grand Junior General.

Eboracum Conclave, No. 137 in the North and East Yorkshire Division of the Red Cross of Constantine, welcomed R.Ill & Em.Kt. Peter Hawken, MBE, GCC, Deputy Grand Sovereign and R.Ill.Kt. David John Roach, Intendant General to present Michael with his 50 year Certificate and Jewel.

On top of this fantastic celebration, Michael was then also honoured with a Field Promotion as the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign had been pleased to have Promoted him to the rank of Past Grand Junior General.

Congratulations V.Ill.Kt. Osgathorp, and thank you for your 50 years of commitment to the Order.

Donation to the Barnsley Youth Choir

Ill.Kt. Frank Johnston, P.G.Pref. (West Yorkshire), was delighted to be able to have been able to present a cheque for £2,500 to the Barnsley Youth Choir at the Horizon Community College, Barnsley on Saturday, 10 August 2019. The Choir were busy performing a final pre-tour rehearsal and fund raising concert in preparation for the senior senior section of the choir going to South Africa for a very intense working tour this month, taking some 80 young people for a life changing experience.

Mat Wright, a founder and the Artistic Director of this very successful choir, received the donation with most grateful thanks and a prolonged applause by the young singers.

The photograph above show Ill.Kt. Johnston presenting the cheque to Mat Wright, on his right, with the I.G. on his left.

Barnsley Youth Choir, is a charity entirely run by volunteers. It seeks to provide outstanding opportunities for young people who live in Barnsley and to inspire and change lives through music and to provide life changing opportunities for those involved. Further information about the charity and what they do can be found at:

Address by The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign 2019

Address by The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign
Graham Leslie Flight, G.C.C.
to the Annual Assembly of Grand Imperial Conclave
Tuesday, 2 July 2019

RCC Flight 800

Worthy Knights, we are almost at the end of another Annual Meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave and I will try not to keep you too much longer.

My thanks to you all for attending today in such good numbers and for your continued support and I hope you have enjoyed the proceedings in Grand Conclave so far particularly those who have received an appointment or promotion in Grand rank.

The Grand Team has again had a relatively quiet year with only one new Intendant General appointed, who is Raymond Johnson installed on 16th March this year as Intendant General for West Yorkshire following the retirement of Right Illustrious Knight Tony Llewellyn after ten years of service. Ray, would you please stand and be recognised.

There has been one new Conclave consecrated in the last year, Sepulchri Custodes Conclave number 528 in Burton on Trent on 30th May this year as a Sepulchre Guard Conclave for the Division of Derbyshire.

For the coming year we already have the Consecration in London of Seven Hills Conclave scheduled for the 8th July, that is next Monday, and so the new team will have an immediate call to duty less than a week after their appointment. I am confident they will all perform well.

A little further away and a long way away is a planned trip to the Caribbean at the end of October and for those who think this sounds like a nice little jolly I can tell you it will be hard work!


Three Consecrations on three different islands followed by the installation of the new Intendant General for Jamaica following the retirement of Errol Alberga who was installed in July 2012 when I was last there as Grand Marshal.

During the last year I have continued to visit at home and abroad representing the Order and in particular this year my first visit to Cyprus in November 2018 where the Grand Marshal and I were very well looked after and not made to work too hard for our supper. I am hoping to go back to Sofia, Bulgaria, in November to see them perform their first Appendant Orders Ceremony since their Consecration in 2014.

On my travels without the Grand Team, but always with the Grand Marshal or a Deputy and often with  the Grand Sepulchre Guard, it was my great pleasure to visit Sussex (my mother Division) and present a 50 year jewel and certificate to Illustrious Knight Harold Piggott at Rose of Sussex Conclave on 29th November 2018 and without travelling too far today to present V Ill Kt George Bristow with his certificate and  jewel and to field promote both these deserving knights to Past Grand Junior General for this very special achievement.

I also visited Rose of Sharon Conclave in Birmingham for their Centenary Celebrations on 1st December (my birthday) and St Helena and Wharfedale Conclaves for their Joint Appendant Orders meeting in Harrogate in April 2019.

Having mentioned my overseas visits, it is a great pleasure for me to have such a gathering of visitors to our meeting today. I will introduce them all to you and please contain your applause until I have completed the usual extensive list.

[The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign then proceeded to welcome many Distinguished guests and Honoured Members of the Order]

Worthy Knights, please continue to support the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund in your Divisions and Conclaves. These funds are for organisations that help and support children in sickness and distress and I can assure you they are always well spent and well received. Intendants General should not hold back in submitting worthy applications.

I, of course, congratulate all those Worth Knights that I have appointed or promoted today in Grand Conclave. This is your special day and I hope you have enjoyed either your first experience of a Grand Imperial Conclave meeting or repeat visits for those who have been before. You rank’s are a reflection of your continued support for the Order for which I am personally most grateful.

You will see that I have again reappointed my Deputy and my Grand Eusebius. They both continue to give me their full support (and sometimes even their own opinions!) and to represent me at meetings around the country.

I must thank my Grand Officers of the last year for their support and to my Grand Sepulchre Guard for being with me on all official occasions and ensuring my safety and well-being at all times.

I must also thank the Grand Recorder and his staff at St James’ and the Grand Marshal and his team for their hard work and help today and throughout the last year and the staff here at Freemasons Hall for allowing us the use of the Grand Temple and its facilities.

Worthy Knights your attendance today in such numbers is a sure sign to me of the happiness and enjoyment we all get from belonging to this wonderful Christian Order of Masonic Knighthood. We continue to face challenges in the future but with such support I am confident we will see our Order continue to flourish and provide as a special place for us all to enjoy and participate in our Masonry.

Worthy Knights continue to support your Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters and do not be afraid to talk to their members about the Red Cross of Constantine.

I greet you well Worthy Knights with the watchwords of our Order, Faith Unity and Zeal, and God bless you all.

Sepulchri Custodes Conclave No. 528 Consecrated in Burton-on-Trent


Burton-on-Trent is perhaps best known for its Brewing industry but it was the Consecration of a new Red Cross of Constantine Conclave that attracted a large number of Knights of the Order to the town on Thursday 30 May. Sepulchri Custodes Conclave No. 528 has been formed as a working Conclave for members of the Derbyshire Division’s Sepulchre Guard. The Grand Sovereign, M.Ill.Kt. Graham Leslie Flight was in attendance as the Constituting Sovereign, ably assisted by the Grand Eusebius, R.Ill. & Ven.Kt. The Rev. Timothy L’Estrange. On this occasion not only were they joined by the Deputy Grand Sovereign, R.Ill. & Em.Kt. Peter Hawken, MBE, who acted as Grand Senior General, but also the Past Grand Sovereign, M.Ill.Kt. Richard Wallis.

The Consecration ceremony in this Order has several aspects that are unique to the Order and is very colourful. The Knights were treated to a very interesting Oration by Ill.Kt. The Rev. Justin Parker who was acting as Grand High Prelate. At the after proceedings the Grand Sovereign was presented with a gift to remind him of this visit to the Division, a pair of cufflinks set with “Blue John”, a mineral found only in Derbyshire.


M.Ill.Kt. Graham L. Flight, G.C.C.
Grand Sovereign

R.Ill. & Em.Kt. Christopher John Macdonald, G.C.C.
Deputy Grand Sovereign

R.Ill. & Ven.Kt. The Revd Timothy J. N. L'Estrange, G.C.C.
Grand Eusebius


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