Happy 100th Birthday V.Ill.Kt. Wilfred Leahy

Happy 100th Birthday V.Ill.Kt. Wilfred Leahy

L to R W.Kt. A. Bateman, V.Ill.Kt. P. Philips, V.Ill.Kt. W. Leahy, E.Kt. D. Bates, Ill.Kt. J. Hawkins, Ill.Kt. J. Leach

On the 12 June 2018 V.Ill.Kt. Wilfred (Wilf) Leahy turned 100. To mark this milestone the Worthy Knights of Holy Peace Conclave No. 381, meeting in Yeovil on Tuesday 19 June, put on something of a celebration for Wilf. This included a fabulous Birthday cake and the surprise field promotion to P.G.J.Gen. conveyed to Wilf and those present by a personal letter of congratulations from the M.Ill. Grand Sovereign, Graham Leslie Flight, which paid tribute to Wilf’s long and valued service to the Order since joining St John the Evangelist Conclave No. 238 on 28 May 1976.

V.Ill.Kt. Leahy has been the M.P.S. of four separate Conclaves, including King Ina Conclave No. 363 at the age of 96!

Consecration of the John, Baron von Hoff Conclave No. 527

RCC Baron von Hoff Conclave No527

M.Ill.Kt, Graham Leslie Flight, G.C.C., Grand Sovereign, signs the Warrant of the newest Conclave in the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine.

On Monday 4 June 2018 M.Ill.Kt, Graham Leslie Flight, G.C.C., Grand Sovereign of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, accompanied by his Deputy, the Grand Eusebius and a retinue of Grand Officers, visited the Uxbridge Masonic Centre to Consecrate the newest Conclave of the Order, the John, Baron von Hoff Conclave No. 527.

The Conclave falls under the Division of Middlesex and is open to Knights of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard, past and present, and Knights of the Sepulchre Guards of the surrounding Divisions.

Prior to his death in 2016 John, Baron von Hoff was a leading light in the Grand Sepulchre Guard of the Order. His reputation was legendary and he was responsible for many of their traditions, as well as designing the distinctive Mantle that members wear. Naming this Conclave in his honour is a great tribute indeed and the Grand Sovereign, R.Ill.Kt. Dennis Leigh (Intendant-General for Middlesex) and the rest of the Founders and visitors were delighted to be able to welcome Pauline, Baroness von Hoff as the guest of honour at the after-proceedings.



M.Ill.Kt. Graham L. Flight, G.C.C.
Grand Sovereign

R.Ill. & Em.Kt. Peter Hawken, MBE, G.C.C.
Deputy Grand Sovereign

R.Ill. & Ven.Kt. The Revd Timothy J. N. L'Estrange, G.C.C.
Grand Eusebius


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