Installation of New Provincial Grand Summus for East Anglia

Bury St Edmunds is "The nicest town in the world" according to William Cobbett, Essayist and Traveller. The Grand Summus, M.Dist.Comp. Ian Currans, travelled with his Tzaddikim (that's 'Scarlet Cord' talk for bodyguard - pictured below) to Bury (as local East Anglians call it) to find out.

On Monday, 18 November 2019 he Installed R.Dist.Comp. Keith McCully as the new Provincial Grand Summus for East Anglia in a customary polished and memorable event which saw the new Provincial Grand Summus introduce the innovative concept of the 'Travelling Scarlet Cord'. The question now is: where will it be seen next? 

Capital of the Cotswolds welcomes Grand Summus and his Tzaddikim

Saturday, 23 November 2019 was the latest outing for Grand Summus, M.Dist.Comp. Ian Currans, and his trusty bodyguard or Tzaddikim. They were welcomed to Cirencester by Provincial Grand Summus for Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Wiltshire, R.Dist.Comp. Stephen White to conduct the dedication of the new Provincial Grand Senatus banner.

This was the first such banner dedication conducted by the Grand Summus – not that you could tell – and the event was topped off with a splendid oration from Grand Episcopus, V.Dist.Comp. Eric Bourne (pictured in the unique regalia of the Order).

New Charter or Warrant for Barnstaple

The ancient town and port of Barnstaple, Devon, on the River Taw, received its charter from the Anglo-Saxon King Æthelstan in 930 A.D. Over a millennium later another Ruler, Grand Summus of the Scarlet Cord, M.Dist.Comp. Ian Currans arrived on Monday 4 November 2019 with a new Charter or Warrant.

This was for the Consecration of the newest Consistory in the newly named Province - Valley of the Rocks Consistory, No.133 in the Provincial Grand Senatus of Devon and Cornwall. Grand Summus, M.Dist.Comp. Ian Currans and his team conducted proceedings with the usual panache, not dampened by the inclement weather. "Let's consecrate a new Scarlet Cord consistory in 'sunny' Devon, and to make it interesting let's choose November as the preferred date" was perhaps the thinking?

Warlingham Consistory, No. 134 Consecrated in Surrey

On Wednesday 30 October, the lovely, scenic town of Redhill in Surrey was brightened by the Consecration of a new Consistory named after Warlingham (the former home of Sir Joseph Swan - the inventor of the incandescent light bulb).

M.Dist.Comp. Ian Currans arrived with a full team to enjoy a splendid Consecration Meeting of the Warlingham Consistory, No. 134. The Meeting was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by the Founders, Consecrating Team and guests alike.

V.Dist.Comp. Phillip Purves, V, G.D.C.; Comp. Simon McCarthy, III, P.Prov.G.Stwd. (Surrey); R.Dist.Comp. Louis Keats, V, Prov.G.S. (Surrey); R.Dist.Comp. Michael Barnes, VI, P.Prov.G.S. (Surrey); Comp. Christopher Eley, III, Prov.G.Rec. (Surrey)

The Grand Summus with his Consecrating Team

The Founders of the Warlingham Consistory, No. 134.


We wish them all the best for the future of this warm and friendly Consistory.



M.Dist.Comp. Ian S. Currans
Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Francis C. Spencer
Deputy Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Howard S. Markham
Assistant Grand Summus


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