A Fourth Consistory for London

A Fourth Consistory for London

Metropolitan Consistory No 121 was consecrated on Monday 22nd October 2018 at Mark Masons’ Hall by Most Distinguished Companion Ian Currans, Grand Summus, this being London’s fourth Consistory.

The first President is Distinguished Companion David Ashbolt, better known as the Provincial Grand Master for London in the Mark Degree.
The Consistory will meet twice a year at 6.30pm and is aiming to attract working Companions, who can attend after office hours.

Address by The Most Distinguished Grand Summus -2018

Address by The Most Distinguished Grand Summus
Ian Stanley Currans
to the Annual Convocation of Grand Senatus
Thursday 3 May 2018

Companions, my first task tOSC Currans 800his afternoon is to welcome you all once again to Grand Senatus and to thank you for coming in such numbers. This attendance is staggering and reflects a fast-growing enthusiasm for our Order. Can I also thank you for electing me as Grand Summus. Many of you will know that I have been involved, apart from a brief sabbatical, at virtually every stage in the Order’s resuscitation and development. So, to stand here today as Grand Summus in the Grand Temple bursting at the seams is the realisation of a dream.

Can I also express again, now in his absence, our immense gratitude to Most Distinguished Companion Andrew Sweeney for a wonderful term of Office. He will be, as they say, a hard act to follow but as many of you know me personally, you will anticipate the dedication that I will give to the role.

On behalf of the whole Order, I congratulate those appointed to or promoted in, Grand Rank just now. You have all worked hard and your efforts thus far have been rewarded. But it doesn’t end there Companions and there are always opportunities through Grand Rank and our Grades system for further advancement for those who commit themselves to the growth and development of our Order. Your efforts from now on will again be recognized and, I promise you, rewarded. I am the only person invested today who can’t go any further.

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Address by The Most Distinguished Grand Summus

Address by The Most Distinguished Grand Summus
Andrew Christopher Sweeney
to the Annual Convocation of Grand Senatus
Thursday 4 May 2017

SC Sweeney 800Distinguished Companions, Eminent Companions and Companions. Firstly, may I welcome you all here today in such good numbers and congratulate all those Companions who I have appointed or promoted in Grand Senatus today. The reward you have received is recognition for the dedicated service that you have given to the Order over a number of years will hopefully stimulate you to further promote and develop your Consistories and encourage members of your Secret Monitor Conclaves to join this wonderful Order.
As always, I am grateful for the enthusiastic support which the Rulers of other Orders provide and also for their attendance today.

The Installation of Provincial Grand Summi have continued during the last 12 months with a further 4 Companions being Installed. They are Right Distinguished Companions:

Raymond Clare – Essex – 11th July
Christopher Barker – North & East Yorkshire 3rd September
John Safford Stevens – Midlands – 12th October
Peter Rollin – Norfolk and Suffolk – 21st November

The last of which took place subsequent to the Constitution of the new Province of Norfolk and Suffolk.

I congratulate you all on your promotion and I am sure that you will all develop the Scarlet Cord in your respective Provinces. I would also take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Provincial Grand Summi for all their hard work, in some cases for nearly ten years.

Companions, this year has not been quite as busy as the last few years; although we have had 1 Constitution, 4 Installations, 3 Consecrations, and we have performed a 6th and 5th grade ceremony and in addition, yesterday another 5th and a 4th grade ceremony. I extend my grateful thanks to all the Grand Officers who have assisted in all these ceremonies over this last year. As usual they have all been of the highest standard.

In February a team from Mark Masons’ Hall were privileged to go to Malaysia where R.Dist.Comp. Paul Clement Constituted the new Grand Conclave of South East Asia in the Secret Monitor and V.Dist.Comp. Tom Jackson Constituted a new Grand Council of South East Asia in the Allied Masonic Degrees. This was an opportunity not to be missed for the Scarlet Cord and whilst we were there we Consecrated the Walled City Consistory No. 118 which is to meet in Hong Kong. We are very grateful to the companions who supported those proceedings from India, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and of course the Companions of South East Asia. Special thanks must be given to Dist.Comp. Khoo Boo Khean for his extraordinary level of hospitality.

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M.Dist.Comp. Ian S. Currans
Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Francis C. Spencer
Deputy Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Howard S. Markham
Assistant Grand Summus


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