East Midlands Installation of a new Provincial Grand Summus

The Grand Summus, M.Dist.Comp. Ian Currans, together with a team from Grand Senatus, attended the Masonic Hall in Derby on the morning of Thursday, 21 February 2019 to install R.Dist.Comp. Peter Brown as Provincial Grand Summus for East Midlands. This was in consequence of the passing of R.Dist.Comp. Richard Moss.

Following his Installation, R.Dist.Comp. Peter installed his Deputy, Dist.Comp. Richard Bedells and his Assistant Provincial Grand Summus, V.Dist.Comp. John Clements.

Following lunch, the Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor, M.Wy.Bro. Andrew Sweeney, installed R.Wy.Bro. Uri Patel as Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for the OSM Province.

The team from Grand Senatus with Companions Brown, Bedells and Clements.

Number 5 for Essex

Number 5 for Essex

The Province of Essex's 5th Consistory, Ceolmaer's Ford, was consecrated by the Grand Summus and Grand Senatus team at Southend on 21st November.

This new daytime Consistory will meet in Chelmsford, an area of Essex without a Consistory until now.
The indefatigable R Dist Companion Ray Fretten is the Primus President.


M.Dist.Comp. Ian S. Currans
Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Francis C. Spencer
Deputy Grand Summus

R.Dist.Comp. Howard S. Markham
Assistant Grand Summus


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