St Albans, well known for being the 3rd Century home of the first British Christian Martyr and the first “self-service” Tesco in 1948.

But the "first" that Companions of the Order made their way to a packed Ashwell House to witness was for the Installation of the new District Grand Master, Group Captain Peter John Brindle, ready to see how he handled this debut – or “take off” - in his new role. Peter is well known throughout the District, the Order and beyond and the support for the meeting gives a promising indication as to the health of the District. We hope it continues to grow and flourish under his leadership.

R.Ill.Comp. His Hon. Ian D.G. Alexander, QC, Dep.G.M., R.Ill.Comp. Gp Capt Peter J. Brindle, Dist.G.M., M.Ill.Comp. Kessick J. Jones, Grand Master, R.Ill.Comp. Richard L. Gan, JP, IX, G.P.C.W. and Ill.Comp. Neil Phillips, Dist.G.P.C.W.