Swift     The Knights Templar 20 for 2020 Appeal on behalf of

     The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group

     In the perfect vision year of 2020


Following the Grand Master’s announcement at the Great Priory of Malta meeting in November 2019, we are delighted to launch the Knights Templar 20 for 2020 appeal in support of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group in this perfect vision year of 2020.

You will find details of how you can make your £20 donation on the Mark Masons’ Hall website, as well as from your Provincial Vice-Chancellors.

Before making your donation, there are some important points to note: 

• Please make donations as individuals, not as a Preceptory or Province. This enables each donation to have Gift Aid added where applicable.

On the PDF Forms, where you are asked to enter your Lodge/Chapter Name or No. this must be your Craft Lodge or Royal Arch Chapter, not your KT Preceptory.

Electronic donations must be made to the MCF Relief Chest, No. KT2042020

• All cheques for this appeal must be made payable to “The Relief Chest Scheme” using the Single Donation Form, which already has the MCF Relief Chest, No. KT2042020 included on it.

• No donations for this appeal should be sent to Linda Read / Mark Masons’ Hall.

• Donations to this appeal will not be added to ‘Personal Donations’ listed in the KT Liber. This is a stand-alone appeal and only the total achieved by the appeal will be published.

• Each single donation of £20 will be recognised by the Great Priory of Knights Templar sending you a limited-edition Swift tie / lapel pin. If you desire more than one pin, please make an additional individual £20 donation. Please don’t make bulk donations in multiples of £20.

• Due to the current restrictions on postal services, Swift pins will not be posted until the Administration Staff are able to return to Mark Masons’ Hall. An email will be sent out advising you when postage has commenced.

Our Order’s support for the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is very well established and we hope that, even in these unusual times, this one-off appeal will be embraced with typical enthusiasm.

The online donation page is here: http://everydayhero.co.uk/event/KT2042020

Additional informationpdfKT_20for2020_Appeal_Trifold_Leaflet.pdf

pdfCredit_Card_Donation_Form_APR20_20.pdf ;    pdfSingle_Donation_Form_APR20_20.pdf ;   pdfText_Donate_Card.pdf