Powys Lodge of MMM, No. 685 Celebrates it's Centenary


Powys Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No. 685, in the Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire, met in Kettering to enjoy its Centenary Celebration Meeting on 21 May 2019. The night was a great success and will be a memorable event for all of their Members and Visitors alike.

We wish them the very best, and hope for another hundred years of success.


River Plate District celebrates the Consecration of Keystone Lodge, No. 2005

Brethren of the District of River Plate, Buenos Aires, celebrated the Consecration of Southern Keystone Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No. 2005 in Córdoba, Argentina  on Saturday, 4 May. There are a number of Candidates already waiting to be Advanced into the new Lodge, and we wish them every success for their future.

Mark Grand Lodge: MBF Grand Parade 2019

On Tuesday, 12 March 2019, the Brethren in attendance at the Communication of Grand Lodge enjoyed a spectacular parade of the Mark Benevolent Fund. Representatives of nearly forty of the charities that the MBF supported in 2018 entered Grand Lodge, each displaying the name of the charity that they represented and the amount that the MBF had awarded to them last year alone. There were representatives present from a diverse range of charities, covering assistance dogs, disability support, emergency disaster relief, hospices, and several medical charities.

Three of the charities gave short, but very emotional and inspirational talks, describing how the money granted to them by the MBF was being used, and how it had profoundly changed the lives and relieved some of the suffering of many of those in our communities.

The event gave a rare glimpse into what our charitable efforts do to those around us, and showed us some practical examples of what we have achieved.

More about this excellent event will follow.


The Pro Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Raymond J Smith surrounded by many of the representatives present at the Grand Lodge Communication, accompanied by the Charities Manager, W.Bro. Darren Coleman-Heald




For more information on how to contribute by making a donation to the Mark Benevolent Fund, please download an MBF Honorifics Application form, or should you wish to make regular donations, you can fill in our MBF Regular Giving form.