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Making an Application

Petitions for relief are received from Lodge Almoners and Visiting Brethren via their Provincial Grand Almoners or Secretaries, the MBF Petitions Committee sits on a near monthly basis to consider cases and relief is almost immediate upon approval. Any applications received from any other source will be returned to the Provincial Grand Almoner for approval and verification.

An application will involve a personal visit to the applicant to complete the Petition Form and gather any supporting documents to help the application go smoothly. The form can viewed and printed below so that any potential applicant can make themselves familiar with what information will be required. The applicant should not complete the form themselves.

In all cases grants are disbursed via the Province and not directly to Lodges or individuals.

MBF Petition Form

How we use your Donations

After the Committee have met and made decisions on the cases received we send out a newsletter giving you information on how funds have been disbursed.

Help with Debt Problems

Struggling with debt isn’t something to be ashamed of - and the StepChange Debt Charity won’t judge you. The important thing is to get their free debt help quickly. You are not alone. StepChange have over 20 years experience dealing with debt related problems and they are experts in this field. Treated with respect and courtesy they will do whatever they can to help solve your debt problems and put your mind at rest.

0800 138 1111

StepChange Leaflet

Help with Mental Health Difficulties

In these troubling economic times we are finding that many people are suffering mental health difficulties that they find it difficult to talk about with those around them.
I am pleased to inform you that the Masonic Charitable Foundation now offers a support service giving therapy and counselling for a number of situations such as:
  • Anxiety, depression, workplace pressures or stress
  • Bereavement, divorce or bankruptcy
  • Illness, addiction or family ill-health
  • Feelings of uncertainty, growing worry or panic

There is some further information in the FAQ attachment and link direct to the website for more details and information on other aspects of the charity’s work.

Masonic Charitable Foundation


Please take some time to have a look at the information provided and if you have a query or cannot find what you are looking for please contact:

Darren Coleman-Heald
Charities Manager

Charities Office
Mark Masons' Hall
86 St James's Street


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