The Order of the Secret Monitor Benevolent Fund (OSMBF), a Registered Charity (207781), was formed towards the close of the 19th Century and in December 1899 it was formally opened with a credit balance of seventeen guineas.

Today, the OSMBF considers Petitions from individual members of the Order of the Secret Monitor for personal financial support and to help with general living expenses.

Anyone who needs help should contact one of the Visiting Deacons of their Conclave. Application forms should not be completed by the applicant but the form may be printed or viewed below so that they are aware of the information needed. A personal visit will be made to the applicant, a form completed and any supporting documents collected to aid the application. The application will be approved by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler or his Recorder before being sent on to Mark Masons’ Hall for consideration by the Executive Committee.

Petitions for assistance from individual Brethren must be forwarded via the Provincial/District Grand Recorder as should any applications for match funding in support of suitable Charities.

All such Petitions and applications should, in the first instance, be sent to:

Charities, Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London, SW1A 1PL

These applications to the OSMBF are considered by the Executive Committee of the Order of the Secret Monitor at its April and October meetings. Applications to the Fund are not considered at the July meeting of the Executive Committee.


Please take some time to have a look at the information provided and if you have a query or cannot find what you are looking for please contact:

Darren Coleman-Heald
Charities Manager

Charities Office
Mark Masons' Hall
86 St James's Street


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