To submit an article to be considered for entry on to the news sections of Mark Masons Hall please adopt the following process:

Complete the article submission form, ensuring you complete all fields as appropriate. Certain fields marked with * are compulsory and must be completed prior to submission.

Where possible please give consideration to the “Article Title”. Your title or headline catches the attention of the reader and should relate to the topic.

Your article will have a headline “Article Title”. You should consider the following

  • Lead In – a sentence that captures the attention of readers, establishes the subject, sets the tone and leads the reader in to the article
  • Running Text – There are many ways to structure your story. The story should flow smoothly from the lead
  • Conclusion – Make your conclusion attention-grabbing. Perhaps a play on your lead in

When adding a graphic please make sure it doesn’t exceed 2MB in size but where possible don’t compromise image quality. A simple JPEG will be sufficient, which we suggest is tagged or named appropriate to the article.

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