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Our Help Desk enables you to generate enquiry requests, and receive answers, regarding specific areas. This help desk sends enquiry messages directly to the member of our team responsible for each category listed.

To ensure accurate and timely replies please ensure your enquiry form is fully completed.

Some tips to help:

• “Category” - ensure you select the most appropriate category for your enquiry. This will ensure the right member of staff receives it
• “Subject” - refine your enquiry category by using subject, making it specific to your question
• “Priority” - if your enquiry is urgent please indicate “High” or select an alternative priority level
• “Message” – describe, in as much detail as you can, what your enquiry is about and what your questions are
• “Attachments” – attach any documents you might hold that support your enquiry

Once you’ve submitted your enquiry a staff member will be in contact. Please note: this isn’t an instant message system, or live chat. You will receive notification of a reply by e-mail.

Where additional information is required a staff member will request clarification, you’ll be notified of any additional information needed by e-mail.

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