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Within the site there is a separate page for each of the Orders that are administered from Mark Masons’ Hall that have a charitable function. Each of these pages contains information regarding the charitable works undertaken by the Order concerned and on how to apply. Each Order’s page also has the required forms attached for easy download and/or print for your use.

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Intrepid climbers from Mark Masons’ Hall reach the summit


On Thursday 15 March a team of five from the Mark Masons’ Hall staff took on the challenge of the Vertical Rush, in aid of Shelter the homeless persons charity. A mere 932 steps stood between them and the summit of Tower 42 (formerly the NatWest Tower, on London’s Old Broad Street).

The team would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported them in their endeavour. The generosity of the members enabled them to raise over £1,500. This goes towards the enormous event total, which currently stands at over £300,000.00.

Chris Griggs, Assistant Manager, Masonic Support Services, led the charge with a time of 9 minutes 54 seconds and the whole team were enjoying the view of a fog-bound London from the 42nd floor in under 13 minutes.

Well done to Shelter, the organising team and the army of volunteers who put together this fantastic event.


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