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Within the site there is a separate page for each of the Orders that are administered from Mark Masons’ Hall that have a charitable function. Each of these pages contains information regarding the charitable works undertaken by the Order concerned and on how to apply. Each Order’s page also has the required forms attached for easy download and/or print for your use.

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Sussex MBF Festival celebrates a huge success

Huge congratulation to the Province of Sussex for their magnificent Mark Benevolent Fund Festival Result of £1,357,663. Ten years of fundraising by the Province have made such a record contribution to the fund possible. The Trustees and the Honorary Secretary of the Mark Benevolent Fund are forever grateful for the effort and dedication made by the Brethren of Sussex. We will now allow you to take a short rest until your next Festival Banquet in 2056!


Since the original publication of this article, the sum total has been recalculated to a fantastic £1,360,163 - further congratulations to Sussex for this excellent achievement.


Please take some time to have a look at the information provided and if you have a query or cannot find what you are looking for please contact:

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