The Summer 2019 edition of the St John Priory News is out, and this issue features several articles about the MBF handovers that we have had the pleasure to have made over the last few months.

The MBF has been proud to have handed over 48 new St John Ambulances so far, with more events to come.

You can read about these and other exciting articles in the St John Priory of England and the Islands PDF newsletter, which you can download here.

If you want to find the newsletter articles related to the MBF quickly, you can find them on:

  • Page 2: Sussex
  • Page 6: East Anglia
  • Page 7: Lincolnshire
  • Page 9: Hampshire & Isle of Wight
  • Page 17: Worcestershire
  • Page 23: Oxfordshire

Many thanks to all of the many Brethren that have contributed to the fantastic success of this series of handovers, and we look forward to sharing many more similar updates.