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Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund grant to James Hopkins Trust

R.Ill.Kt. John Tristram, Intendant-General for the West Midlands, together with R.Ill.Kt. Roland Bedford, Past Intendant-General for Surrey, were very pleased to visit the James Hopkins Trust, Gloucester and present a cheque for £2500, on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund.

The Trust provides respite care across Gloucestershire, for children up to 12 years old who have life limiting illnesses, either via home visit by nurses or by children attending the very impressive centre in Gloucester. Sarah James, Charity Manager, gave John and Roland a tour of the centre, which includes various activity rooms, a sensory room with a variety of audio and visual effects.

There are specially adapted bedrooms, so that children can occasionally stay overnight and enjoy a ‘sleep-over’ with their friends. Beautiful gardens have been specially designed to stimulate the children, which are maintained by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

One of the most moving sights is the Memory Garden, which is dedicated to children who enjoyed the facilities at the centre but have sadly passed away. It is somewhere peaceful that their parents can go to remember and reflect on their loss.

Above all the Trust is about the celebration of life, we wish them every success for the future and are delighted that the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children has been able to play a small part in supporting their work.


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